About me:

Mountain climbing through the Olympic National Park, Washington state.

I’ve always been a bit of a free spirit, nomadic at times. I’m the kind of person that would be able to pack a bag and leave in a moment’s notice. No real attachments to any possessions or places; no one place has ever really felt like home. Any possessions that I would need could fit into a single suitcase, and I’d be ready to go!

I went to college in Ontario, Canada, where I met and got married to my husband Zack. He’s pretty much the opposite of me. Before I met him he actually hated traveling, and detested the idea of leaving the small city he grew up in. Though we have a home base in Ontario, Canada, we have plans to begin traveling the world together more and more each year.

No matter how long or how far you travel, every adventure starts with packing your suitcase and blasting off. I invite you to follow my blog and be a part of wherever my story leads.

I also love puns, so be prepared to read quite a few if you choose to follow my blog (which you should if not for that reason alone). If you’re shaking your head after reading a post, then I’m doing my job right.

Why travel?

I’ve moved a lot my entire life, sometimes for excitement, sometimes out of necessity. Before the age of 20 I had lived in close to a dozen different cities and moved countless times in each. It’s created a wanderlust in me, and an almost anxious feeling whenever I’m stationary for too long.

I love every step of traveling, from the planning all the way to when things don’t go to plan. I love the food, oh man, can I take a second to point out that food is amazing? *One second later* Aaand we’re back. Seriously though, traveling for the food alone would be worth it.

It’s so much more than that though, it’s experiencing a different life. It’s the feeling of freedom when you walk outside of your comfy little bubble, and step into something bigger than yourself.

The Stats:

For you numbers people, I’ve compiled some stats of all the places I’ve been (so far).

Countries/States/Provinces: 6 / 9 / 3

Continents: 2/7

Cities Visited: 39

Number of places I’ve slept: 43

Places I’ve been

These are the countries and states that I’ve traveled to so far. Click on the map to see posts that I’ve written on each location. Anything marked in yellow are places that I’m planning on visiting in the near future.