Not everyone wants to travel. I’m not sure how, but it’s a thing. I know you’re shaking your head in disbelief, but you can just trust me on this one. Some people can go their whole lives working a 9 to 5 and maybe consider traveling a couple times a year – if that. Now what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Someone who lives for traveling, is with a partner that totally doesn’t.

My husband personally HATES traveling, he would much rather spend the money on things around our home and stay there. When I’m busy watching videos about traveling or reading about places to go, he’s rolling his eyes and wondering if someone spiked my Kool-Aid.

I’m here to tell you that just because your partner/husband/wife doesn’t like traveling, doesn’t mean that you have to give up your dreams of travel forever.

Okay so, you’re probably thinking “that’s easy for you to say”(or type). Let me explain a few different ways that you can still make it work.

1. The answer? You fight to make it work!

First, we try to compromise.

Make an effort to spend more time with your significant other by participating in a hobby they enjoy. It gives you the opportunity to spend more time together, but also shows that you’re willing to go outside your comfort zone for them. Maybe there is something that your partner keeps asking you to do but you just never seem to do it. Show that you’re invested in them long-term and you’ll be surprised at what you get in return. Hopefully, your partner will appreciate your effort and agree to apply the same effort into doing what you love as well — traveling!

With Zack, he started out not understanding my love for traveling. So we started off small with things, like camping or small day trips to nearby beaches. Something which, by the way, he said he hated. Lo and behold, all winter he kept bringing up how he can’t wait until the weather warms up so we can go again. Now we’re watching travel videos (in small doses). He’s even participating by helping me plan our upcoming Thailand trip!

Although they may appreciate the gesture, traveling might still be something they don’t want to do. Which is okay. Everyone is different and you don’t want to force someone to travel with you, you want them to go of their own free will. You’ll both end up being miserable, trust me on that one.

So if step one doesn’t work for you, let’s move on to step two:

2. Find family/friends who are traveling and go with them!

Traveling with friends and family is a great way to be able to travel, and still have someone around to experience everything with you. Ask your friends if they want to make a group trip, or maybe just invite your best friend and pick somewhere you’ll both love.

I know this one family, where the father hated traveling. Thinking it would make his family happy, he agreed to go. He was totally miserable, and didn’t want to be there. Which brought down the morale of the rest of his family. Traveling just wasn’t his thing. Sometimes it’s best to just let others be, and find other methods to follow your dreams. By allowing his family to go without him, he was able to stay behind to do things he was interested in, and his family was happy because they got to go on vacations. Win-win.

Traveling in a group or with a friend is great because you can split some of the costs like accommodations and transportation. It ends up being a little more cost effective when trying to budget your trip, which either means more money saved or more money to spend on experiences that you wouldn’t normally be able to afford.

Maybe your friends/family are all like your partner and look at you funny when you ask them to go traveling. Maybe you just don’t want to coordinate events with a group of people. Not to fear, we still have step 3.

3. Just go. Buy your ticket and go.

Going on a vacation or traveling alone can be a scary thing, but it doesn’t have to be. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and what you’re comfortable with by exploring all by your lonesome.

Worried about not having as much fun? Don’t. You’ll meet tons of people on your travels. Make sure you sign up for lots of group activities, and take the local public transit. Group activities give you the ability to get to know other travelers from around the world. Local transit allows you to meet locals and see what day to day life is like around the world.

There are also lots of travelers/nomads around the world right now. They might even have social media where they share their current location. Don’t be shy! Talk with them and ask them questions about particular places you’d like to see. You might even be offered to meet up near by. Maybe they could show you around the country they’ve been living in (never know if you don’t ask right?).

Let me know what you think! Have you been putting off traveling because of your significant other? Until next time, let’s blast off on another adventure!